Bam. Total knockout fashion show. Only question is, what tracks do I mix for such insane garments? Here goes:

For the Papparazzi theme –

1. Ironman mixed with Nativity in Black – Black Sabbath

2. Funky Town – Lipps Inc.

3. Judy in Disguise (with glasses) – John Fred and his playboy band

4. Track 12 – Punjabi MC

5. I Believe – Simian Mobile Disco

6. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

7. Saali Khushi – Amit Trivedi on the Dev D soundtrack

8. Hand that feeds – Nine Inch Nails

9. Another way to die – Jack White and Alicia Keys

Then there was the surrealism theme –

1. Sunshine underground – Chemical Brothers

2. Inertia Creeps – Massive Attack

3. The Kronos Quartet theme from Requiem for a Dream

What a blast. Second place is good enough for us. Pansy NIFT people won with some total flat garments. But what a blast we had. The crowd went beserk when that clock opened on the ramp. The hands and hours are phospherescent and Vidula did the whole ticking thing too. Apparel Design at NID rules man. Wish I had better snaps. Will have the videos up sometime.


Billy Bolan


Bang a Gong, Get it on, get it on. Arise, awake, get out of your house and into the street. Marc Bolan gave to music a fine contradiction. Here was a guy who looked like he rocked out since kindergarten, but he sings these songs about white swans and dancing since he was twelve. The band is called T-Rex and they are so ferocious that at one point of time they had no drummer. Just a guy on bongos. But the man’s got rhythm, and he has got that quiet voice that whispers in your ear. It tells you to wear hard soled shoes and clickety-clack them on the pavement. I used to dance to Bolan all the time. Then I saw Billy Elliot. What a movie. Cosmic Dancer, playing to a little kid jumping on the bed with a wallpaper of fading sunflowers in the background. Bolan, jumping, shorts and Van Gogh. These are some of my favourite things, never mind the dog bites and bee stings.

Now the two are inexorably tied to each other. I cannot sing a song without picturing the movie. But, for once, that is perfectly allright. Cosmic Dancer is a song with the line “I was dancing since I was aaah”. That’s Marc Bolan for you, he couldn’t think of something, so wrote aaah. But it fits and we all dance when we are aaah.

Bang a Gong was after he split with Steve Took, yes Steve Peregrine Took, so it has a lot more instruments. It was just the two of them before hand.

Be careful when you dance to I love to boogie. There have been incidents of smashed crockery and furniture in our hostel because of the song.

Have fun.

From the soundtrack of Billy Elliot –

T.Rex – Cosmic Dancer [mp3]

T.Rex – Bang a Gong (Get it On) [mp3]

T.Rex – I Love to Boogie – [mp3]

Spin steady


So in the immortal words of You-know-who, I’m back. Big deal.

At work, with my headphones plugged in to avoid the intense discussion happening a table away, I am in hell. As always music saves my soul. It is now fascinating to watch my colleagues star in a mental music video I make to the tune of the song streaming through the headphones.

Its not so bad, in fact I am so busy, I listen to about a song a day. As Yohan put it eloquently in his mail, Drama Queen, I remain.

Enough rubbish, go listen to Mariyln Manson covering Dead or Alive’s classic and making it his own. What a guy. Trying singing it like a lunatic while riding a bike. The wind zooming into you makes you mouth go all weird and then you can sing perfectly like Manson, Wraaight rrrround baybeee, wraaaight wwroound.

Dreading abuse from the Network guys, I decided to download the Raconteurs album on the super fast internet at work.

It was well worth it, here is the first song I heard, what a song it is. Steady as she goes has lyrics that are shockingly in sync with my reality and that always helps me appreciate a song.

The third one is a bit of a gamble. Its from a band called Smoke Signals and features Kailash Kher. You can see a nice animated video of the song on youtube. Its not the greatest song, but Kher’s strong vocals are great and the lilting melody is a nice contrast. The lyrics in Hindi are wonderfully wistful. Blue Frog is a restaturant and an independent record company in Mumbai. they are quite cool the logo was done by Grandmother India and that’s another reason why I know them. They seem to be promoting quite prominsing young artists in India.

There is a promising band on the horizon called Advaita. An eight piece band, they are currently touring the UK and sound pretty damn good. They are proponents of “Indian psychadelia” and their music justifies the claim. I am expecting some of their music soon, so will post more on them after I have sampled the sound.

You spin me right round (Like a record) – Marilyn Manson [mp3]

Steady as she goes – The Raconteurs [mp3]

Summertime Rocks – Smoke Signals feat. Kailash Kher [mp3]

Its all gone Pete Tong


I have been accused of posting only indie music. This is war.

So here is what you have to do, download all the songs, then listen to them in sequence. Let me know if you are still in your chair after it is all over. Conditions apply. But at least pump the volume.

Its all gone Pete Tong is a decent movie. It gets much better after a while. Paul Kaye pulling of the wasted trip is not much fun. But then to see a movie about a DJ who goes deaf and then composes music feeling the vibrations through large speakers is just the thing to do when you are feeling a little low.

Good to have so many people on Zonuts. Someone please fix the bleeding header. Lets go back to the old one if no one can fix it. A big red rectangle is hardly my idea of a music blog facade.

The last track is not from the movie. Its Asian Dub Foundation at its angry best. Yeah. Yeah.

I first heard about the ADF in extraordinary circumstances. Mike Marquesse, a journalist whose column I read every week in the Sunday Magazine of the Hindu, had written a book on Bob Dylan. It was being published by Seagull Publications in Delhi. Whee.

So this Seagull guy is a proper North Indian businessman, who thinks he is also cool. He has a weird sort of friendship with Mike, one born out of mutual benefit rather than mutual interest. So anyway. To cut a weird story short, Mike Marquesse is to unveil his new book “Chimes of Freedom” at the Delhi University book store. DELHI UNV BOOKSTORE. Many a grand book launches we have missed, too lazy or too broke to go south. But this was right here. So we trudged off, vigourously wondering as to whether we would get a free mango lassi or not. George, Udayan, Tirthankar and me. In Oscillating order of height. So we reach there and thats it. We were the only people there. Four of us, Mike Marquesse (author of “Chimes of Freedom” and balding superhero) and Mr.Something (shrewd publisher).

What else can I say? It was great. We spoke about Dylan and his book and music and movements and mango lassi. For young aspiring connoisseurs of everything musical, he was a gift from England.We were amazed that no one came. For Dylan’s sake at least. But thats how it is. Even the publisher left us. He mumbled something about something and left.

I wonder what the author thought. Imagine. You write a book. You find madman publisher who wants India rights. You go to Delhi. You go to Delhi University, the great fertile soil from which the minds that mother the scene arise. You get one star struck Dylan fan, one know-it-all who stayed quiet, realizing how little he knows, one fat gay slob who insists on touching you, and me.

Oh, dang it. So this Mike guy told me about Asian Dub Foundation. So there.

Remember to queue the first three tracks. Happy jumping.

Intro [mp3]

Schwab – DJ’s in a row [mp3]

Deep Dish – Flashdance (Raul Rincon Mix) [mp3]

Asian Dub Foundation – Target Practice [mp3]

Over the hill

Ah. I take upon my able shoulders the responsibility of restoring some sanity here. After Perakath’s blitzkreig of Akon and solo dancing (that eternal medicine which never fails to get your spirits up) its back to some mellowness, by permission from your highnesses.

So I went to Mumbai and  I was introduced to Mumford & Sons. This homemade recipe sounding set up is quite good, they are fresh from the realm of the unknown. I like them. As usual have no idea of their roots, choice of desert, shape of toes or calories spent in playing D major in a “Little Lion Man”. For those interesting tids, bits and blitherbublah, we have our very own Yohan John, who will glad oblige, indulge and zap you with his “band-width”

Look ma I am in black and white

Look ma I am in black and white

Arrey man, two in morning no, what to tell.

Ok I saw I’m not there and there he was. Not Dylan, but Richie Havens. The face I will never forget. He is what I associate with the vibe of Woodstock. Him in his kurta, leather sandanls, sweating in the afternoon sun, tapping his foot with an intensity matched by the tightness with which he switched the guitar chords, despite his unconventioanal hold. I think that song was called freedom. Thank you Martin Scorcesse fpr bringing us freedom.

The song is beautifully pictured in the movie too, old Richie Havens with a young black woody guthrie and a fat middle aged man singing in the sunshine, in the porch of a whitewashed wooden house. I bet Huckleberry Finn was lurking in the garden.

I am not sure but I think I may have put up Frank Zappa a while ago (We need to have that search feature on the site Yo) but in case I haven’t here he is. Zappa is one guuy we really didn’t get into much during college, we always thought he was a bit irrelevant and its actually quite surprising that we missed him altoghether. I know Yohan and Murthy at different points of time thought of listening to him actively , but it never happened.  So Zappa, sorry da.

I think I should just stop writing, its too late into the night to try and be coherent.

Lots of love,


Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man [mp3]

Richie Havens cover of Bob Dylan’s – Tombstone Blues [mp3]

Frank Zappa – San Ber’Dino [mp3]

Session tracks


Butterfly by Abraham George. All rights reserved. Do not flick.

Its been a long time since a session. A really long time. Every now and then I come across music and I say, you know what this song needs? It needs us and some yellow light and silence.

They are my most cherished memories of college, life even. I made all my friends in that room. There are now songs that are the soundtrack of people and phases in my life. Shine on you crazy diamond with Chandra, Paranoid Android with Yohan, Heart of Gold with Jakka, Jethro Tull with Tommy, is what comes to mind at the first go, but they are, as in everyone else’s life, countless more.

For a person perceived to be talkative, I value silence most highly. My best moments are quiet ones, be it in 32 or 478 or U-21 or what you will.

I walk my dog, I listen to Devils and Dust and I want to be back in one of these places, looking at nothing and everything all at the same time.

Its harder now, I have quit smoking, people I love are too far away. I put up with Dilli 6 and Dev D and all that here, but its the BOSS who I really ache for. I stay quiet, sober, in my my room and type.

Bruce Springsteen – The Wrestler [mp3]

Cat Stevens – Morning has broken [mp3]

Iron and Wine – Freedom hangs like heaven [mp3]

Slowing to a trawl

When my time’s up, I trawl. I can feel when the time to trawl is nigh. Everything upto then has been leading up to that one moment when you decide to just go find new music. You scrounge the internet. You scowl, you snivel, you scurl.

The situation is grim. Work has piled up, your guilt mixed with healthy doses of irritation make your near and dear ones side step your presence faster than a Kobe cross-over. The computer welcomes you into its arms. You watch a movie to kill time till dinner. You get sicker. And then when all hope is lost, you seek and find and become a trawler (sounds fishy).

Music zaps through bandwidth, the hard disk juices start filling. Then you find them. The gems, amongst several tons of chaff. And you become yourself once more. Light, cheerful, relaxed and full of sound. You turn to your bed and sleep like a log. Next day you work like never before and put up the life changing music for everyone to hear.

So here it is. Diamonds are forever by the Arctic Monkeys is bound to superb, the Dandy Warhols have been around for Dandy’s years, I have always liked them.

Shilpa is to thank for MIA’s Paper Planes from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, my days are now as groovy as hers are. All I wanna do is….take your money. MIA, third world democracy, I got more records than the KGB, so no funny business. The song is played in the beginning when the kids are running from the cops disrupting their cricket match on Juhu airfield. MIA is Sri-Lankan. Go girl.

Then there is total randomness. A band called Dengue Fever. I take my shirt off and yoddle along this song in my room during the afternoon. Its makes everyday memorable. I don’t even know what language it is, Korean probably.

Finally some sense and Lou Reed. Live in the magic moment.

Diamonds are Forever (Shirley Bassey) -Arctic Monkeys cover [mp3]

The Dandy Warhols – Hit Rock Bottom [mp3]

MIA – Paper Planes [mp3]

Dengue Fever – Seeing Hands [mp3]

Lou Reed – Magic Moment [mp3]