Love is …….Courtney’s Last Name

I don’t think the subject of this post is very popular with the other authors of this blog and, as a public figure, is never anything short of polarising. I’m well aware of her off-the-wall tendencies and rumoured occasional lapses into being a terrible person, and also of the (nutty) rumours that she killed He Who I’m Not Going To Name Here Because This Post Is About Her After All. I’m also aware that this is the woman who, at the age of 12, chose a poem by Sylvia Plath (“Daddy”) to read at an audition for The Mickey Mouse Club. She didn’t get picked, of course.

Courtney Love might not be a good role model or a good person, but honestly, does an artist’s personality always have to be a factor in whether you like their work or not? (Picasso, according to some accounts, behaved like an absolute shit to the women in his life- does that stop anyone from appreciating his art?) Some people claim to be scared by the fact that her early- and best, if you ask me- work frequently sounded so angry, but some of those same people were also fans of The Clash and the Sex Pistols. What’s so unique about Courtney Love’s anger, then? The fact that she’s female? It’s not as if Hole was the only band of that era to give centre stage to an angry woman with a raspy voice and a guitar, but I can’t help the feeling that maybe what scares many people when it comes to Courtney Love circa 1993 is the fact that many of the things she was pissed off about back then, were things a girl could be justifiably pissed off about even now.

Anyway, here are songs to listen to, from Hole’s second and best album, Live Through This, for anyone who is reading and hasn’t heard them before or paid attention (is anyone even reading this blog anymore?):

Hole- Doll Parts

Hole- Violet


3 thoughts on “Love is …….Courtney’s Last Name

  1. Haven’t been back here in awhile. =P

    I don’t particularly care for her or despise her. She’s just…there. Haha

    I just remember Doll Parts and Celebrity Skin, as they were the only songs that made it to the radio where I was.

    Have you heard the rumors that Kurt Cobain wrote her earlier albums, and Billy Corgan her later ones?

  2. Maggie- I think all of Live Through This is worth a listen, as is Pretty On The Inside, but do try Violet, at least.

    I remember the rumours, they’ve been around for years along with the ‘Courtney killed Kurt’ ones.

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