Bam. Total knockout fashion show. Only question is, what tracks do I mix for such insane garments? Here goes:

For the Papparazzi theme –

1. Ironman mixed with Nativity in Black – Black Sabbath

2. Funky Town – Lipps Inc.

3. Judy in Disguise (with glasses) – John Fred and his playboy band

4. Track 12 – Punjabi MC

5. I Believe – Simian Mobile Disco

6. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

7. Saali Khushi – Amit Trivedi on the Dev D soundtrack

8. Hand that feeds – Nine Inch Nails

9. Another way to die – Jack White and Alicia Keys

Then there was the surrealism theme –

1. Sunshine underground – Chemical Brothers

2. Inertia Creeps – Massive Attack

3. The Kronos Quartet theme from Requiem for a Dream

What a blast. Second place is good enough for us. Pansy NIFT people won with some total flat garments. But what a blast we had. The crowd went beserk when that clock opened on the ramp. The hands and hours are phospherescent and Vidula did the whole ticking thing too. Apparel Design at NID rules man. Wish I had better snaps. Will have the videos up sometime.


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